August 18, 2022

Advance Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with PKWARE on the New IBM z16

Advance Your Hybrid Cloud Journey with PKWARE on the New IBM z16

On April 5, 2022, IBM unveiled IBM z16, a next-generation system with an integrated on-chip AI accelerator delivering latency-optimizing inferencing. IBM z16 is designed to:


  • Predict and automate with accelerated AI
  • Secure with a cyber resilient system
  • Modernize with hybrid cloud.


When this announcement dropped, the world witnessed the arrival and merger of bank-grade computing and quantum-safe computing for cloud and hybrid cloud environments, a true game changer. The natural reaction from PKWARE was to ask if we were ready to respond to the technology available and the needs of the market.


Responding to The Challenge


The new IBM z16 is purpose-built to respond to critical enterprise cybersecurity and modernization needs that clients and ISVs have identified across industries. With PKWARE’s continued growth in the cybersecurity and discovery space, PKWARE’s DevOps on IBM zSystems has become crucial in taking PKWARE’s cybersecurity fight to the bad actors. It’s how PKWARE can meet the ever-increasing demand from our customers for more iterative features and functional updates. When fighting the bad guys, hours count. Being able to respond to new and often daily cybersecurity threats means that our customers need a rapid response team. PKWARE DevOps is poised to support that response.


To be responsive to the needs of our customers, PKWARE needed to modernize our software delivery model. We quickly implemented Jenkins for our DevOps environment to automate our builds out of Bitbucket and perform regression testing. Additionally, we use Visual Studio Code as our development environment; VS Code extension support for Zowe and Wazi as well as its ease of use makes it a no-brainer.


Modernize Now with IBM zSystems and PKWARE


PKWARE has an extensive history of promoting growth and modernization through automated data discovery and remediation. We’re proud to support our customers as they evaluate and adopt newer technologies.


With the continued evolution and modernization of PKWARE’s DevOps environment and IBM zSystems, PKWARE Engineering stands ready to respond to whatever new cybersecurity threat inevitably awaits.


Accelerate your modernization journey today. Request your free PKWARE demo to get started.

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