Secure Data Exchange

Adding Security without Complexity

Sharing data with outside organizations is imperative to conducting effective business today. Sensitive data requires adherence to enterprise-wide policies to assure its security and privacy as it is shared externally. As data volume and traffic continue to grow, sharing sensitive data becomes both a greater necessity and a greater risk.

of data-sharing programs are likely to correctly identify and locate trusted data
of global consumers agree that exchange of personal information is essential for running modern society
countries have legislation to secure the protection of data and privacy

Build Customer Confidence

Protection Across the Wire

Encrypt data in files as it uploads to external shared platforms such as Dropbox.

Dynamic Capabilities

Ensure that data remains ultimately usable by adding masking or redaction and access controls to data when it’s queried for use.

Outlook Email Add-In

Sensitive information sent internally or externally via email can be protected by encrypting or redacting the content.

Increase Security

Build confidence in a higher level of security in data transfers with in-motion protection.

Real-Time Status Monitoring

Track critical information such as which files are protected and who has accessed them.

Extensive Platform Support

PKWARE supports secure data exchange for popular platforms such as AWS, Google, and Hadoop.

Provable Security

Intelligence tools report real-time, immutable logging of data discovery scans, file classification changes, and file encryption/decryption events so you can track data that is going into and out of your company. Easily prove data protection compliance to auditors, regulators, and customers alike. With PKWARE’s Outlook® add-in, users can encrypt sensitive data within emails, whether the information is in the message body or attachments. PKWARE gives you the capabilities you need to secure customer data, build trust, and gain a competitive advantage.

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