Data Masking Capabilities – PK Protect

Mask Sensitive Static or Data in Motion to Keep It Protected and Usable

Protect Privacy while Maximizing Data Value

Static or Dynamic

Irreversibly protect data within the database from being revealed and misused, either continuously or when queried for use.

Perform Safe Analytics

Mask data sets for use in safe analytics, risk reduction, and more. Values are only decrypted for authorized users.

File and Image Redaction

Remove sensitive information as soon as it appears in files, images, or email.

Eliminate Points of Failure

No linkage between original data and masked data ensures there is no possibility of retrieving sensitive information.

De-Identify Personal Information

Change identifiable details with pseudonymization and anonymization.

Cross-Source Consistency and Persistence

Consistently mask data across data stores, including multiple disparate locations.

Data Protection That Won’t Sacrifice Productivity

Businesses have to consider complexities to ensure masked data remains fit for purpose. For data driven enterprises, masking is the ideal solution for ultimate protection and usability.

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