Reliability and Security

Large-scale data breaches continue to expose the weaknesses in traditional information security strategies. Network and device protection is clearly not enough. Full-disk or volume encryption is a single-use-case approach that leaves information exposed at the data level. Persistent data-level encryption has become a necessity, especially in highly regulated industries.

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More Control over Secure Data

Some files need to be decrypted by anyone in the organization, whether the files were originally passphrase-encrypted or encrypted for specific recipients. No matter how they were encrypted, contingency keys can provide a safeguard to be sure that the organization’s important information does not risk becoming permanently inaccessible. PK Protect® helps you manage every key your organization holds.

Enterprise-Grade Data Encryption

Persistent Encryption

Sensitive information is encrypted at the file level, so data remains safe from theft or misuse even when it leaves the company network.


Sensitive data can be protected using a variety of methods, including password-based encryption and certificate-based encryption.

Data Compression

Files are compressed using PKWARE’s industry-best technology, reducing file sizes by up to 95%.

X.509 and OpenPGP Encryption

Strong protection for sensitive data without disruptions to user workflows.

Cross-Platform Operability

Encrypted files can be shared and decrypted by authorized users on any enterprise operating platform.

Consistent Policies

Enables organization-wide control and consistent policy enforcements.

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