PK Protect for Microsoft 365

Automated Data Discovery and Protection for SharePoint and OneDrive on Microsoft 365

Your organization utilizes endpoints daily, such as laptops, smartphones, and tablets across multiple locations, each posing a potential data security threat from both internal and external factors. You can now use all the same capabilities you see with PK Protect Endpoint Manager for SharePoint and OneDrive in Microsoft 365. Discover your sensitive data with a high level of accuracy and protect it through redaction or deletion wherever it resides and moves. Data discovery and protection on your endpoints and cloud applications are critical components of an organization’s data security posture.

Why PK Protect for Microsoft 365?

In Today’s Digital Landscape, Organizations Grapple With The Intricate Challenge Of Managing Vast Amounts Of Data While Navigating The Complex Intersection Of Privacy, Security, And Compliance.

This session empowers businesses to reduce risks, increase efficiency, and streamline data retention processes.

Join us for this comprehensive webinar to gain actionable insights, practical strategies, and a holistic understanding of the critical components involved in effective data retention.

  • Webinar

With PK Protect for Microsoft 365, you will have a specially selected suite of capabilities designed to support and manage your data security posture, aligning with your business needs. Best of all, it is automated and designed to protect all your data, regardless of where it travels.

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