May 3, 2022

How to Start Preparing for PCI DSS Version 4.0


Now that PCI DSS version 4.0 has been released publicly, many organizations are asking the same question: “Now what?” With this being the first major update to PCI DSS in quite some time, there are a lot of notable changes to break down so organizations can better understand how to build toward version 4.0 compliance before 2024.

In previous posts, former QSA Marc Punzirudu broke down two big requirement updates, 12.5.2’s “significant change,” and finding data outside the scope for 12.10.7. But there’s still more to understand. Join data expert Chris Pin as he shares answers  on PKWARE’s latest Productivity Protected podcast episode to the question, “Now what?”



Let PKWARE help you drive toward PCI DSS version 4.0 compliance. Request your personalized demo now.

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