September 26, 2019

PKWARE at PCI: A Recap of the 2019 North America Meeting


Having recently joined the PCI Security Standards Council, PKWARE was proud to participate as a Technology Sponsor at the Council’s 2019 North America Community Meeting in Vancouver. The event was well attended, with more than 1,000 individuals from all over North America coming together to discuss the future of payment card data and security.

PKWARE’s Senior Director of Business Development gave a presentation in the Technology Showcase on the topic of account numbers in unstructured data. During the presentation, he described the security and compliance risks around this common problem and how PKWARE has helped banks solve it by implementing automated data redaction technology across the organization.

The PKWARE team had valuable conversations with several financial organizations during the conference. Many of the conversations focused on the strain that comes along with Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance, including the challenges of detection, redaction, and protection of credit card numbers and other forms of sensitive data. Fortunately, PKWARE has solutions to help solve these challenges.

PKWARE Data Redaction for PCI DSS Compliance

PKWARE’s automated data redaction technology removes credit card numbers from files based on organizational policy. Redaction takes files out of scope for PCI requirements, and ensures that cardholder data will not be exposed in the event of a computer theft or other security event.

Automated data redaction addresses the problem of credit card numbers in unstructured data, without breaking user workflows. When credit card numbers are redacted from files, other file contents remain unchanged, allowing employees to continue to do their jobs. PKWARE’s industry-best discovery technology minimizes the problem of false positives, making compliance easier to document and less disruptive.

Learn more about PKWARE Data Redaction to find out why it’s creating buzz in the PCI community and changing the way organizations approach the problem of card numbers in unstructured data. Ready to get started? Request your free demo here.

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