October 30, 2019

PKWARE at PCI: What We Heard in Dublin


As a new member of the PCI Security Standards Council, PKWARE has taken the opportunity to sponsor and participate in the Council’s Community Meetings in North America and Europe this fall. Most recently, we joined more than 600 participants at the 2019 Europe Community Meeting in Dublin. As with previous events, the European meeting delivered plenty of fresh cybersecurity and payment security insights from industry experts.

Discussion topics in Dublin focused on the future of payment security, compliance, IT governance, risk management, and more. Here are a few of the issues we heard mentioned most often by payment processors, financial institutions, and industry analysts.

Cloud security: The challenge of securing data in the Cloud was one of the most common themes we heard in Dublin, both in presentations and in our discussions with attendees. Organizations are looking for new strategies to gain control over what their employees are saving in the Cloud, and especially to stop the spread of cardholder data into vulnerable locations.

The human element: Organizations are also talking about the role employees should play in data security and compliance. Human error is a major risk factor for any company that collects or processes PCI data, especially when employees store cardholder data on their laptops or desktops.

PKWARE Data Redaction and PCI Compliance

We also noticed a growing interest in PKWARE’s automated data redaction technology. PKWARE Data Redaction removes credit card numbers from files based on organizational policy, preventing the spread of unprotected cardholder data and making it easier for employees to do their jobs without risking a PCI violation. Redaction takes files out of scope for PCI requirements, and ensures that cardholder data will not be exposed in the event of a computer theft or other security event.

Automated data redaction addresses the problem of credit card numbers in unstructured data, without breaking user workflows. When credit card numbers are redacted from files, other file contents remain unchanged, allowing employees to continue to do their jobs. PKWARE’s industry-best discovery technology minimizes the problem of false positives, making compliance easier to document and less disruptive.

Learn more about PKWARE Data Redaction to find out why it’s creating buzz in the PCI community and changing the way organizations approach the problem of card numbers in unstructured data. Get a free demo now.

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