October 2, 2018

PKWARE Adds Integrated Classification, Expanding Data Security Capabilities


MILWAUKEE, October 2, 2018 – PKWARE, a global leader in data security, announced the launch of Smartcrypt Classification, the latest enhancement to the company’s automated data protection platform. Smartcrypt Classification applies visual labels and metadata tags to files containing sensitive data, increasing user awareness and making other security technology more effective.

“Unstructured data is an increasingly serious security vulnerability,” said Matt Little, chief product officer at PKWARE. “Most organizations have no visibility or control over the files their employees create and share every day. Automated data classification, integrated with discovery and remediation, allows companies to enforce their security policies on the files that account for 80 percent or more of their sensitive data.”

Data classification is an essential element of data-centric security, a best-practice approach to information security that focuses on protecting information itself, rather than networks or devices. Classification allows organizations to categorize and label files based on their sensitivity, content, and intended use.

With the addition of Smartcrypt Classification, PKWARE has expanded Smartcrypt’s industry-leading data security capabilities. Customers can use the feature to apply automatic policy-based classification, and to facilitate manual classification by end users. No other platform combines data discovery, classification, and protection capabilities in a single automated workflow.

Smartcrypt Classification can be added to existing implementations of Smartcrypt’s discovery and protection features, or included with new implementations. Further information about Smartcrypt Classification is available here.

PKWARE offers the only data discovery and protection solution that locates and secures sensitive data to minimize organizational risks and costs, regardless of device or environment. Our ultra-efficient, scalable software is simple to use on a broad range of data types and repositories, enabling precise, automated visibility and control of personal data, even in the fastest-moving, most complex IT environments. With more than 1,200 customers, including many of the world’s largest financial institutions, retailers, healthcare organizations, and government agencies, PKWARE continues to innovate as an award-winning global leader in data discovery, security, and compliance. To learn more, visit PKWARE.com.

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