About Converge Converge Technology Solutions is a services-led, software-enabled, IT & Cloud Solutions provider focused on delivering industry-leading solutions. Converge’s global approach delivers advanced analytics, application modernization, cloud platforms, cybersecurity, digital infrastructure, and digital workplace offerings to clients across various industries. Converge supports these solutions with advisory, implementation, and managed services expertise across all major

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The SCE Group

About The SCE Group The SCE Group, a global cybersecurity firm, delivers security assurance to organizations. With a comprehensive portfolio of solutions, The SCE Group takes an organization’s security vision and turns it into reality. Through a thought leadership driven approach, The SCE Group delivers strategic consulting, managed services, and development, aligned with best practices

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About WaveStrong Founded in 2001, WaveStrong is an industry leader in enterprise and cloud information security consulting services. WaveStrong prides itself on its best of breed security solutions and services that span a myriad of government, education, and business verticals. WaveStong’s staff is comprised of both certified technical and business professionals who can help

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Persistent is a trusted Digital Engineering and Enterprise Modernization partner, combining deep technical expertise and industry experience to help our clients anticipate what’s next and answer questions before they’re asked. Their offerings and proven solutions create unique competitive advantage for our clients by giving them the power to see beyond and rise above.

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SCI Software Solutions

About SCI Software Solutions SCITI is one of the most traditional software distributors in Brazil, representing cutting-edge technology companies since 1972. From over a decade SCI has been working alongside PKWARE in the local market introducing, implementing and providing world-class support for compression and encryption solutions in the top financial companies in Brazil, from

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SRC Secure Solutions bv

About SRC Secure Solutions bv SRC Secure Solutions bv is a Dutch company specializing in cross-platform software and value added services for IT Security and Security Compliance Management. SRC Secure Soultions built on more than 30 years’ experience of supplying state-of-the art ICT solutions to large, medium, and small organizations and companies. Company Website:

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About Tevora Founded in 2003, Tevora is a specialized management consultancy focused on cybersecurity, risk, and compliance services. Based in Lake Forest, CA, Tevora‘s experienced consultants are devoted to supporting the CISO in protecting their organization’s digital assets. Tevoras make it their responsibility to ensure the CISO has the tools and guidance they need

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About RockITek RockITek exclusively supports the Public Sector, providing our emerging technology partners Government Aggregation, distribution and value added resell capabilities. RockITek augments the capabilities of our technology partners by providing them an ecosystem of the support that they need to be successful in the complex Government market including: distribution, vehicle and catalog management,

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About ddk-software ddk-software is a software distribution company specialized in providing system management software for medium and large enterprises in the Nordic countries. Since 1987, ddk-software has provided software utility products to help enterprises optimize on their operational and development efficiency, and security management. Products are focused on the IBM mainframe z/OS platform, IBM i/Power

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