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Categorize Data
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Data classification solutions are an essential component of helping organizations categorize and secure data based on custom or predefined policies used to ensure the security of personal and sensitive data. Systematic, enterprise-wise file classification simplifies compliance, improves end-user awareness of security policies, and makes other security technology more effective.

Classification Interoperability

Secure and categorize what kind of data you have, faster, with automated classification integration. PKWARE and Dataguise have joined together to offer:

Icon designMap What You Have

Automatically apply tags to files into business-level terms, such as confidential, public, and restricted

Icon designReport on Data

Understand exactly what kind of data exists and where it is located

Icon designTagging Options

Automatically apply labels to files and enable users to tag files

Icon designIntegration Capabilities

Discover and protect data tagged by classification solutions such as: Microsoft, Titus, Bolden James, and more.

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Policy Builder

Not all data classification policies are the same. With PK Classification, administrators have a powerful, easy-to-use policy builder capable of categorizing data based on specific needs. Classification policies can be created for complex scenarios or for basic classification frameworks. Find predefined sensitive data types, such as credit cards or SSN, and additional sensitive data unique to your business.

You Can See

Add visual tags to classified data as it is created, shared, or saved. Manual and automatic tagging for email messages helps extend data protection policies to partners, vendors, and other parties receiving sensitive information.

Data Classification

PKWARE’s persistent classification provides valuable data insight, which can be integrated with an organization’s access control system to ensure constant privacy of sensitive personal data while in motion or at rest.

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PK Classification in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. Classification relies on discovery and will not work without the functionality included in PK Discovery.
PK Classification supports iOS and Android mobile and enables users to tag and classify emails on associated devices, but not files.
PK Classification both automates classification using the PK Discovery functionality and also allows manual classification capabilities for files and email.
Yes. PK Classification can tag data with labels from third parties such as MIP.

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