PK Encryption


Quickly Secure
Files and Data

If data is the new currency for businesses, then protecting it is paramount to protecting the organizations using it. With PK Encryption, businesses can encrypt structured and unstructured data, as well as data that is being transmitted, by converting usable data into an unreadable form and providing decryption to those with proper access to reverse the process.

Precision in Protection

Redefine enterprise data protection with complete administrative control for finding and protecting sensitive data wherever it is stored. PK Encryption protects your business from financial and reputational damage while adding confidence that sensitive information is secure.

Icon designPersistent File

Apply protection to the data itself for hundreds of file types so sensitive information stays encrypted no matter where it is stored, shared, or copied.

Icon designFormat Preserving

Encrypt data while preserving the formatting and length of the original data.

Icon designTransparent
Data Encryption

Protect files at rest and automatically encrypt/decrypt as data is read/written across the network.

Icon designSingle, Automated

Invoke discovery processes that automate encryption workflows.

Icon designControlled

Provide mechanisms for decrypting and discovering data that is encrypted from uncontrolled third-party applications.

Icon designExtensive Range of

Automate policy-based encryption for sensitive data in TXT, AVRO, Sequence, RC, ORC, JSON, XML file formats, and more.

Icon designInside and
Outside Control

Sensitive data remains safe even when it’s sent to users outside the organization.

Icon designEndpoint, Cloud
and On-Prem

Encrypt data at endpoints such as laptops, desktops, and mobile devices, as well as in large-scale cloud storage systems, database systems, and file servers.

Icon designElement and
Column-Level Encryption

Encrypt sensitive elements in unstructured files and cloud storage objects, and sensitive columns in databases and structured files.

Icon designEmail

Seamlessly and securely send end-to-end encrypted emails internally and externally while preserving user workflows.

Icon designIBM Z and IBM I
Leveraged Crypto Hardware

Extend IBM Pervasive Encryption® and leverage IBM CPACF, zIIP and zEDC for IBM Z and FIPS-140 compliant PCIe3 Crypto Coprocessor for IBM I.

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Easy to Implement
and Non-Disruptive

With no endpoint software required, PK Encryption quickly secures files and data without application changes, additional infrastructure, or professional services. And it does all this without disrupting existing workflows.

Encryption Options
or Transparent Data

There’s more than one way to encrypt data, and the method for each use case depends heavily on where and when both encryption and decryption need to happen. PK Encryption empowers both persistent encryption that applies protection directly to the data and transparent data encryption for protecting stored data on enterprise servers.

Encryption from
Two Points of View

Encrypt both structured and unstructured data in ways that leave it usable for both protection and analytics. Both types of encryption are available on files, databases, on-premises and cloud object stores, all major cloud players, relational databases, file shares, Hadoop, and more.

Protect Against
Data Loss

If a sender is authorized to transmit sensitive information but forgets to encrypt it beforehand, PK Encryption will not re-route or block. Instead, smart technology encrypts the message for the recipient using a public key or unique Smartkey, limiting the opportunity for data loss prevention.

Combine with
Masking for
Ultimate Protection

Our data protection solutions work even better together: Combine PK Encryption with PK Masking algorithms to give users flexibility and choice when they need to share data with “semi-trusted” users either inside the organization or with external partners.

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PK Encryption in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions
Yes. PK Encryption provides an audit log of every encryption, decryption (including failed decryption), and key exchange operation throughout the enterprise. Digital signing and authentication can further enhance your organization’s chain of custody and provide the basis for non-repudiation.
No. Encryption and decryption can be configured to take place without the need for intervention by the end-user, eliminating disruptions to existing workflows.
The PK Protect mobile app enables organizations to immediately revoke access to encryption keys on any mobile device that is lost or stolen, rendering any sensitive files stored in the app useless.
Persistent encryption can be applied to data at rest by PK Encryption in a variety of states, including automatic folder encryption, Microsoft Office documents, Microsoft Outlook email attachments, individual file/folder encryption, and stream support.

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