PK Masking


Maintain Control
of Sensitive Data

Fully utilized data is an enterprise’s most valuable asset. But data without protection becomes a liability. Masking personal, confidential, or otherwise sensitive information allows data to be desensitized or protected while still remaining usable by business teams. It’s a straightforward concept, but businesses have to consider certain complexities and subtleties to ensure their masked data remains fit for purpose.

Protect Privacy, Maximize Data Value

For data-driven enterprises, data needs to be available and accessible, making masking the ideal solution for data protection. PK Masking, powered by Dataguise technology, offers:

Icon designStatic Database

Irreversibly protect data within the database from being revealed and misused.

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Add masking and access controls to data only when it’s queried for use.

Icon designFile and Image

Permanently remove sensitive information as soon as it appears in files, images, or email.

Icon designExtensive
Masking Options

Including character-level, custom value, format-preserving, redaction, and more. Customize additional options for unique use cases.

Icon designProtected
Yet Auditable

Mask data in full or in part and keep it discoverable for audit purposes.

Icon designDe-Identify
Personal Information

Change identifiable details with pseudonymization and anonymization.

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Maintain Cross-
Source Consistency
and Persistence

Sensitive data may reside in multiple, disparate databases across your organization. PK Masking helps maintain control of sensitive data by masking it consistently across data stores. Our static masking can keep the data masked at rest while our dynamic masking only masks data when in use.

PK Masking

Database Copies

Copy production databases for non-production use quickly and easily. PK Masking automatically masks sensitive data in a database, helping you fully leverage the entire data set for more accurate and meaningful insight and measurement.

Safe Analytics

Mask data sets for use in safe analytics, risk reduction, and more. Original values are only decrypted and visible for authorized users.

Points of Failure

With no linkage between the original data and the masked data, our static masking ensures that there is no possibility of retrieving the original sensitive data from the masked values. This eliminates points of failure when protecting personal or sensitive data with masking.

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PK Masking in Action

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Frequently Asked Questions
PK Masking is able to protect the information in a variety of data stores including traditional relational databases and enterprise data warehouses, as well as non-relational big data sources (Hadoop) and file repositories (SharePoint and file shares).
PK Masking supports Windows, Mac, and Linux desktops, laptops, and servers, as well as wide platform support. While PK Masking currently does not discover on mobile devices, PK Classification and PK Encryption are compatible with iOS and Android.
In addition to the available pre-defined masking options, custom masking options can be created in PK Masking for particular types of needs.
PK Masking has options to ensure the masked value for a given original value is the same across different data store types, such as S3, Hive, and RDMBS. This enables joins to be performed with data in disparate sources.

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