Case Study

Fortune 250 Financial Group

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Company Profile
Fortune 250 Financial Group
Medium Enterprise
Financial Services


This customer, who operates multiple insurance and investment management businesses through subsidiary companies, needed scanning for sensitive data on both Development and Production environments, including AWS sources, to support their new Cloud first strategy.


Primary use case was to support PCI DSS compliance across multiple platforms—including Oracle, SQL Server, DB2 LUW (DB2-MF), MySQL, Informix, and Sybase—for classification purposes and to identify the repositories that are deemed sensitive.

Use Cases:

The financial group deployed PK Protect to scan AWS sources for sensitive data. The initiative began with discovery before adding on monitoring and masking capabilities for Oracle and SQL Server. The PKWARE team developed a report that would send directly to the Postgres repository, extracting all database scans into one spreadsheet for easy oversight.


PK Protect enabled the customer to reduce the load of creating and running manual jobs and creating connections so they could perform incremental scanning of AWS sources. Based on this success, future plans include expansion to cover Informix, Mongo DB, and Cassandra, as well as mask Flat Files and standardize reporting.