Case Study

Fortune 500 Financial Services

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Company Profile
Fortune 500 Financial Services
Large Enterprise
Financial Services


One of the largest property and casualty insurance companies in the United States, this Fortune 500 financial services group needed a means of discovering sensitive data from its AWS sources and protecting it with masking.


Previous discovery tools were largely column-based and not returning the required information. The organization needed a more robust PII discovery and masking solution for Snowflake, EMR, EBS, AWS S3, ThoughSpot, Dremio, RDS databases (MS SQL, Postgres, and DynamoDB), and ServiceNow.

Use Cases:

The financial group has selected PK Protect to scan AWS RDS databases—which are currently in migration from on-premises—for sensitive data. The solution will also be used to scan all cloud databases that are in place, as well as JSON files that are stored in S3.


PK Protect enabled the customer to get the data and results as per the requirements with minimized false data. Even while using custom expressions, PK Protect is able to deliver the correct results for the organization. Future plans include enabling masking to remediate sensitive files and databases.