Case Study

Healthcare Software Firm Implements Advanced Data Protection

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Large Enterprise Software Provider
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A major healthcare software provider, despite its industry-leading reputation, recently found itself under pressure to enhance its data security capabilities. Many of the company’s largest customers had begun to request that it build strong encryption into its Electronic Health Records (EHR) software. Potential clients, concerned about federal Meaningful Use and FIPS 140 Compliance requirements, were expressing concern about the lack of persistent data level protection in the company’s products.


Having recognized the need to incorporate end-to-end encryption in its applications, the software provider found itself in a difficult position. Building a homegrown encryption solution that met FIPS 140 requirements would take a year or more, but the company’s next EHR release was scheduled in a matter of months.

Adding to the challenge was the fact that none of the company’s developers had experience in implementing cryptographic libraries. The provider’s Chief Security Architect and senior leadership understood that a poorly implemented encryption solution could be worse than no encryption at all. In order to protect the company’s market share and ensure continued growth, they needed to provide a reliable, fully compliant encryption methodology without changing the way their customers utilized the software across multiple platforms.

Use Cases:

Faced with a short timeline to deliver a critical enhancement, the company’s CIO directed the product team to acquire the PKWARE Software Development Kit (SDK), rather than attempting to build a solution themselves.

Using the PKWARE SDK, the company’s developers were able to include persistent data-level protection in their existing application with only a few lines of code. The process took days instead of months, allowing the upcoming EHR release to proceed as planned. The company also avoided the need for end user intervention or retraining, as the implementation was completely transparent to end-users.

The company was confident that its solution would satisfy customer demands for persistent protection, because PKWARE allows encryption to travel with data even when it is exported from the application to servers, desktops and mobile devices. Encryption woven into the EHR software would also enable healthcare providers to move and store sensitive information in compliance with HIPAA, HITECH, and ARRA requirements, helping them qualify for federal Meaningful Use funding and incentives.


With the PKWARE SDK solution in place, the company was able to move forward with an offering that provides end-to-end encryption, rather than relying on device and network based protection. PKWARE’s SDK met all of the company’s specific requirements, while also satisfying federal and industry defined requirements for securely storing and exchanging personally identifiable information and sensitive health information. PKWARE is now an essential component of the company’s information collection and sharing strategy, as it continues to increase its install base with existing customers and new business partners.