Case Study

Large Enterprise Financial Services Company

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Company Profile
Large Enterprise Financial Services Company
Large Enterprise
Financial Services


This case study of a large enterprise financial services company is based on a December 2020 survey of Dataguise customers by TechValidate, a third-party research service. The profiled company asked to have their name blinded to protect their confidentiality.


The cybersecurity needs that most influenced their decision to use PKWARE solutions:

  • Data tracking (discovery/classification)
“Our first use of the product was to help us gauge where we had sensitive data in our lower environments. Since the implementation, we have an excellent understanding in certain platforms of where we needed to mitigate.”

Use Cases:

The company uses PKWARE to protect the following data types:

  • Personal data (SSNs, race, religion, minors, etc.)Data uncovered by PKWARE’s data discovery is protected with:
  • Encrypting
  • Masking (redaction, de-identification, etc)
  • Deleting

They use PKWARE functionality for data security with these additional use cases:

  • Moving data to the cloud
  • Data protection (masking or encryption)


The immediate benefits they experienced following the deployment of PKWARE:

  • Located and classified sensitive data
  • Increased data security by 25 – 50% since implementing PKWARE technology
  • Saved 25 – 50% of time by moving from manually applied protection to PKWARE’s automated discovery and protection solution