Case Study

UK Retail Banking Company

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Company Profile
UK Retail Banking Company
UK Big Four Clearing Bank


As one of the UK’s “Big Four” clearing banks, this large retail bank boasts an extensive network of branches and serves more than 16 million personal customers and small business accounts.


While running a pen test on the sandbox environment that is available for third-party developers, the bank found a plethora of unprotected personal and financial information. This required a tool that could scan for all sensitive data within the sandbox. An added challenge, however, was the need to individually scan 250 connections in order to discover what type of sensitive data was in that sandbox environment.

Use Cases:

Since any exposed data creates great risk, the bank needed a solution in place quickly that would work from day one. Already a customer of IBM, the bank raised their issue and was directed by IBM global services consulting partner Kyndryl to consider PKWARE.

PKWARE’s PK Discovery tool, part of the PK Protect suite of data security solutions, is able to work with all 250 connections in the sandbox to find sensitive data. As a result, the bank only needs to invest in and manage one solution to meet their needs. The speed and accuracy of PK Discovery also meant the bank would be able to start scanning the sandbox almost immediately for sensitive data and be confident in the results it uncovered.


A tried and proven solution already well-known by Kyndryl to support IBM, PK Discovery delivered on the bank’s urgent requirements with clarity on both current and future support. The current use case includes scanning operating systems. Once the bank has access to scan databases, PK Discovery can be easily scaled to discover on those as well without the need for the bank to invest in and install another solution. Future plans may also include the option to remediate any discovered data with masking, redaction, and/or encryption, all available within the PK Protect product suite.