November 24, 2021

Metadata Management: What It Is and Why Your Business Needs It


Between websites, social media, communications, mobile, the Internet of Things, and more, there’s an astounding amount of data created every day. According to one study, humans created 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily in 2020. That number will only keep growing: Some experts predict that the amount of data people create each day will reach 463 exabytes by 2025.

As businesses use their data, they also create metadata, which is data in the context of who, what, when, where, why, and how. This information helps users identify the content of the larger data, including what it might mean and how it can be used. Data and, by extension, metadata will continually be on the rise, challenging data governance processes to keep up so that data is both usable and protected.

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  • The importance of the data governance foundation to protecting metadata
  • Why data security governance is key to successful data analysis using metadata
  • How to protect and support metadata governance framework for full-breadth data security governance across the enterprise