February 8, 2023

Bloor Report: Discovering Sensitive Data


The vast majority of organizations handle sensitive data on a regular basis. But many—perhaps even most—do not know where all of it is or which data it is. Moreover, it is not always obvious when data is sensitive. This is a serious problem for a number of reasons, most importantly that you can’t take steps to protect your sensitive data if you don’t know what data is sensitive in the first place. Sensitive data discovery becomes a foundational step for data governance in general and regulatory compliance in particular.

This Sensitive Data Discovery Market Update from Bloor Research dives into the importance of data discovery and the vendors who are starting to look beyond sensitive data discovery as just a tool for regulatory compliance. Download this exclusive access report to learn more about:

  • The necessity of data discovery as a first step in data protection and compliance
  • Why organizations need to pursue a holistic discovery solution
  • Where PKWARE is ranked among top data discovery solutions in the industry
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