June 8, 2021

What’s Changing in Enterprise Data Discovery and Protection in 2021 and Beyond


As the year progresses, 2021 will introduce further data protection challenges and vulnerability soft spots to data-driven organizations. As searing reports of breaches increase in frequency, so too do business realizations sharpen relating to the hard costs, damages, and interruptions to performance and reputations. Companies recognize they now have to find new ways to continuously secure and shield their data. More than ever, it’s essential for organizations to focus on deploying automated solutions. The major gamechanger for data-driven companies from 2021 on will be accommodating, optimizing, and protecting their remote workforces and the sensitive data they are handling.

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  • Why sensitive data discovery and encryption at scale is more vital than ever
  • How the permanent shift to remote home offices will impact enterprise data security
  • Five simple steps to secure sensitive data anywhere, anytime
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