Identify and Protect Data

in NoSQL

For companies that need to manage data storage at scale and employ a flexible data model, NoSQL databases offer compelling options. NoSQL databases come in several variations including document, graph, key-value stores, column stores, and time stamped, time-series databases, as well as hybrids.

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Vast Data Stores

In NoSQL, a generalized object for each user holds everything useful about that user, alleviating the need for schemas used by SQL in connecting related tables. This makes it simpler for companies to replicate the databases across multiple devices on premises and in the cloud and keep the user IDs fully intact across the enterprise. That’s important for companies’ ability to scale. In NoSQL, access to vast amounts of specific data is fast. Finding and operating on specific data is much quicker than in relational databases.

PKWARE can scan NoSQL databases to identify and protect sensitive, personal, or private data. Not only does PK Protect enhance NoSQL speed in accessing personal data—for instance, to meet analytics and test demands—but it provides unmatched and ongoing accuracy in personal data protection.

Define sensitive data policies with PK Protect for all distributed data held by your company across its locations and devices. PK Protect can then concurrently detect and protect sensitive elements in motion and at rest.


Close Out Inherent Privacy Vulnerability of NoSQL

Prevent common NoSQL patterns of privacy breach, even in MapReduce queries or Aggregation framework output


Protect Sensitive Data Everywhere

Discover all sensitive data in all versions of NoSQL data stores to protect accordingly


Compliance and Comprehensive Reporting

Maintain compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and more


Confidence to Scale with Protected NoSQL

Rapidly distribute security services directly into horizontal, distributed NoSQL databases for data performance and scalability


Differentiated Masking

Precise element-level protection through various high-performance masking techniques


Range of Protection

Secure structured, semi-structured, and fully unstructured data formats alike

Data Protection

Automated discovery and protection mean that all data can easily and seamlessly be scanned, and sensitive data protected. All sensitive elements in production environments are protected with military-grade 256 BIT AES encryption. PK Protect offers multiple masking options to intelligently protect non-production or lower environments.


With a broad range of tools to cover data ingest, data at rest, and data for analytics, PK Protect has been tested and certified for comprehensive NoSQL coverage and support across all versions and hybrids of databases. PK Discovery will locate data on any NoSQL database, then protect with PK Masking, currently available for MongoDB with additional databases coming soon.


PK Protect covers all bases, securing file formats, structured data, semi-structured data, and fully raw unstructured data at the element level. Sensitive data is identified the moment it enters your company’s environment and stays secure as authorized users access the data or as it mixed with other data on premises in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions
PK Protect works on all the key NoSQL types and offerings, including RavenDB, Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis, Azure Cosmos DB, Amazon DynamoDB, Amazon Neptune, Couchbase Server, IBM Cloudant, HBase, Google Cloud Firestore, and more.
PK Protect is a plug-and-play seamless data-centric security solution that requires zero coding.
PK Protect scales with your company using the servers already deployed. A lightweight agent is installed on the edge node for job submission and communication back to the PK Controller
PK Protect offers over forty different ways to mask sensitive data in non-production systems intelligently. PK Protect is uniquely equipped to fully detect and protect all sensitive data in non-production environments, so analytics and testing can run quickly and non-stop, delivering faster results for rapid, actionable business insights. The one-way transformation provides a lightweight and more secure alternative to encryption, allowing analytics, development, and testing to be performed on the masked data while ensuring security.