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Adding value to data exchanges between manufacturers and suppliers plays a part in reducing costs and saving time, helping manufacturers know they can trust a supplier or partner. The Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange (TISAX) allows the mutual acceptance of information security assessments by certified third parties in the automotive industry, providing a common evaluation mechanism for professional exchanges.

TISAX assessments are based on requirements defined in the VDA ISA (Verband der Automobilindustrie Information Security Assessment). The assessment covers high-level corporate governance and risk management topics, as well as technical details related to data classification, encryption, and other technologies.


Information security is key to success in the automotive industry; TISAX provides for information security assessments and helps avoid redundant audits.

TISAX assessments have multiple scopes:

The basic module is always necessary and is used for determining the maturity of information security processes and their management.

If a supplier processes customer personal data, this module is required.

Focused on the implementation of physical measures, this module is required when the supplier works with strictly confidential information about prototypes.

The Fundamental First Step:
Sensitive Data Discovery


Build Trust with

PKWARE empowers you to find and lock down data so that you can meet compliance

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Meet TISAX standards for

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compressing data

Protect sensitive

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data breach

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