November 16, 2022

AWS Immersion Day: Automatically Reducing Sensitive Data Risk with PKWARE


Managing data within the enterprise is often challenging. There’s a critical need to determine where security controls should be applied so they are both effective at protecting the data the business has control of, and support risk management and compliance activities. The first step is identifying what data exists, along with the business’ obligations when using the data. PKWARE directly integrates with AWS platforms and services such as RDS and S3 to discover and remediate sensitive data with masking or encryption. This empowers organizations with better understanding and control and reduces unnecessary risk related to inadvertently exposed sensitive data.   

Join our AWS Immersion Day session on December 8 at 10 am CT, where we’ll provide a deep dive on PK Protect with a hands-on training lab that includes how to discover sensitive data within data stores and files, apply policies for remediation, and protect data via masking and/or encryption. This in-depth analysis of how PK Protect helps achieve and maintain enhanced data protection within AWS environments will include:  

  • Architecture of PK Protect and how it connects to AWS platforms  
  • Leveraging out-of-the-box and custom policies for sensitive data discovery and remediation  
  • Automatically removing sensitive data from compliance audit scopes   

Presented By:

  • Data Retention: Balancing Privacy, Security, and Compliance
    Ben Meyers April 16, 2024
  • Unraveling Discovery and Security Challenges on the Mainframe
    Tait Hamiel April 8, 2024
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