June 7, 2021

Building A Privacy Foundation on A Changing Privacy Landscape


Data privacy continues to evolve as regulations work to keep pace with both the audacity of threats and other regulations that pop up around the globe. Not all regulations are the same, and some only loosely define what an organization has to have in place, using the terms “adequate controls.” Which can make finding common ground between what legal teams want to do and what IT teams need to do difficult.

Join data expert Chris Pin and guest speaker Forrester analyst Enza Iannopollo on this complimentary webinar to learn more about how to take what’s on paper with the law and turn it into something tangible for technology. Register now to learn more about:

  • The broader challenge between legal and IT for defining and practicing privacy
  • How to connect technology to risk assessment
  • Applying technology to address constantly changing policies

Presented By:

Chris Pin
VP, Security & Privacy
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