October 6, 2021

Building and Sustaining Ongoing PCI DSS Compliance with AWS and PKWARE


Companies everywhere are tapping into the power and efficiencies of cloud computing to reduce IT costs, eliminate data silos, and fuel data-driven business initiatives. But data breaches, fraud, and the need to adhere to privacy standards such as PCI DSS can cause substantial challenges for organizations that accept and process credit cards.

Join PKWARE to learn more about overcoming challenges in achieving PCI DSS compliance and how automated policy-driven data discovery, redaction, and reporting can help reduce PCI audit scope. Gain insights into:

    • Key priorities and considerations for PCI DSS compliance
    • What the shared security responsibility means for your businesses
    • How to build momentum for ongoing, sustainable compliance capabilities
    • Changes in regulations that may be coming with PCI DSS 4.0

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