April 5, 2021

Data Governance in 2021: The Importance of Privacy, Cloud Data Security, and Data Modernization for Data in AWS


Organizations need to be empowered to work safely with sensitive data in order to make better business decisions, gain greater customer insights, move to the cloud, and generate new revenue streams. But they also must consider critical issues such as data privacy compliance with regulations in multiple jurisdictions, accelerating data modernization, and enhancing cloud data security.

Join our webinar on April 14 at 1 pm CDT / 2pm EDT, where executives from AWS, IBM, and PKWARE will discuss important data governance topics in today’s cloud environment, including:

  • Safely migrating data into AWS
  • How your company can address data security, privacy, governance, and compliance regulations in AWS
  • How to manage your responsibilities in AWS’s shared security model
  • The preferred mechanism for data discovery, classification, and protection in the cloud

Presented By:

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