April 5, 2021

Five Ways to Up Your Privacy Game in the Ever-Changing Data Landscape


The privacy game is changing. Previously, privacy was driven by directives and good ethics with no monetary consequences. With the addition of data privacy laws, best practices turned into regulatory requirements with heavy fines for missing the mark.

Watch this free webinar to hear what data experts have learned from working with enterprise customers from both the business consulting and technology perspective. You’ll hear more about:

  • How the “new normal” is impacting the changing data landscape
  • Cutting through the noise on what is foundational for privacy
  • Five critical areas that determine success versus failure in the privacy management journey
  • Data Retention: Balancing Privacy, Security, and Compliance
    Ben Meyers April 16, 2024
  • Unraveling Discovery and Security Challenges on the Mainframe
    Tait Hamiel April 8, 2024
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