May 13, 2021

How PKWARE and IBM Solved Data Discovery, Classification, and Protection for a Large Eastern European Bank


Data resides and is shared in a multitude of environments, from on-premises to the cloud. And the fact is that organizations need comprehensive security and privacy oversight in order to survive the ever-increasing volumes and variety of data involved in simply doing business. Businesses need to be empowered to work safely with sensitive data in order to make better business decisions, gain greater customer insights, move to the Cloud, generate new revenue streams, and enhance cloud security.

In this webinar, data experts from PKWARE and IBM will share a deep-dive into the specialized nuances of cloud and on-premises detection, protection, and monitoring required by the Eastern European bank, including specific environments for scanning sensitive data, such as IBM Cloud and on-prem. Our specialists will also detail the benefits of integrating PK Discovery and Data Protection with IBM to achieve benefits such as:

  • Accelerated data modernization
  • Enterprise-wide compliance
  • Protection for non-production environments using PK Masking
  • Encrypting data in production environments

Presented By:

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