August 26, 2021

Managing the Ongoing Complexity of Multiple State-Level Data Privacy Laws


With no federal privacy law in place, individual states in the US are working to create their own privacy laws to protect their residents. California’s law is already in place, and Virginia just recently passed one of its own. Colorado has a law on the table for voting, while other states are trying repeatedly to draft privacy laws that will pass. All this adds significant data management complexity to businesses that serve customers across the US.

Navigating the complexity is possible. Join data compliance experts Chris Pin and Joe Linscott as they discuss the increasing volume of state-specific privacy laws, sharing more about:

  • Identifying the challenges of following multiple state-level comprehensive privacy laws
  • Security controls that can better manage data protection for achieving compliance
  • Policies and procedures organizations can incorporate to increase data security and discovery

Presented By:

Chris Pin
VP, Security & Privacy
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