January 3, 2022

Modernizing Cybersecurity Through a Single Solution Approach


In 2021, ransomware attacks increased in triple-digit percentages. Cyberattacks have become regular staples in the news, and cybersecurity strategies must continue to transform in order to thwart ever-evolving threats. Organizations have invested in myriad tools and security systems to protect their most valuable asset: data. But with data constantly on the move in today’s collaborative world, are disorganized security components contributing to more difficulty in protecting against increasingly organized cyber-attacks? Join PKWARE data expert Chris Pin to hear more about the value of leveraging a single data security solution designed to protect your entire organization wherever it stores, sends, and uses data.

Attendees will receive insight into:

  • How a single, collaborative approach to security reduces vulnerabilities in security practices
  • Why automated discovery and protection processes strengthen data security
  • A single security solution with real-time visibility and security collaboration across departments

Presented By:

Chris Pin
VP, Security and Privacy
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