March 23, 2022

PK Encrypt for Z and IBM z/16: Moving Forward Together


For decades, PKWARE has provided customers with encryption and decryption capabilities based on the globally used and trusted ZIP container. Now with the upcoming release of IBM z/16, there’s an opportunity for customers to upgrade to PK Encrypt for Z as they evaluate IBM’s newest mainframe offering.

This complimentary webinar for the IBM Z community features PKWARE’s Big Iron expert, Tait Hamiel, who will dive into details of the new IBM release along with the benefits of upgrading to PK Encrypt with full encryption capabilities. In addition, we’ll also discuss the versatility of PK Encrypt and its protection capabilities that easily integrate into existing workflows to resolve cybersecurity issues on your IBM Z mainframe.

Join this free session to learn more about:

  • How your organization benefits both from the new z/16 release and from upgrading to PK Encrypt
  • Full IBM Z platform lifecycle support that can supplement upcoming hardware decisions
  • Leveraging PK Encrypt’s extensive capabilities to extend your organization’s crypto capabilities

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