January 19, 2022

The People Challenge of PCI Compliance: Leveraging the Technology Stopgap


Consumers are growing increasingly concerned with how their payment information is handled with the sharp uptick of online transactions that started in 2020 and shows no sign of slowing now. Surprisingly, it’s not technology that is the biggest threat to cardholder data: it’s people. And as the economy sees more job turnover in every industry, there exist more opportunities for threat actors to take advantage of security training and data access gaps, threatening not only data security but PCI DSS compliance as well.

Join PKWARE data expert Chris Pin and guest speaker Forrester Principal Analyst Heidi Shey on February 24 to learn how adding automation to your security stack can help mitigate the people challenges of achieving and maintaining PCI compliance. They’ll discuss security factors such as:

  • Compensating for reduced staffing with the help of technology
  • Keeping employees engaged with data security to reduce risk
  • Maintaining business through personnel turnover with automated data discovery and remediation

Presented By:

Chris Pin
VP, Security & Privacy
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