Upgrade Your IBM z/OS 2.5 Data Protection Experience Before Day One

For decades, PKWARE has provided customers with encryption and decryption capabilities based on the globally used and trusted ZIP container. Now with the upcoming release of IBM z/OS 2.5, there’s an opportunity for PKZIP and SecureZIP users to upgrade their experience with a solution that is also guaranteed to work seamlessly with 2.5 on day one with more robust protection, key management, and secure transfer capabilities.

This complimentary webinar for ZIP customers features PKWARE’s IBM Big Iron expert Tait Hamiel, who will provide information on the benefits of upgrading to PK Protect on your IBM z/OS mainframe. Seamlessly integrating with IBM’s Pervasive Encryption and persistently protecting data in transit, PK Protect’s wide array of protection capabilities easily integrates with existing workflows so you can:

  • Easily and safely exchange data with business partners via the most widely used encryption method in the world
  • Leverage extensive capabilities with X.509 certificates to extend your organization’s crypto capabilities beyond OpenPGP
  • Utilize IBM standards to create, organize, protect, and manage your encryption keys or keyrings
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