Secure Data Protection

for Cloud Environments

The world is more data-driven than ever before. With data constantly being created, organizations are tapping into the power and efficiencies of cloud computing to reduce IT costs and fuel data-driven business initiatives. Additional business benefits include increased speed, agility, flexibility, and cost efficiencies.

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Cloud Coverage for Security, Privacy, and Governance

With the cloud service provider shared security responsibility model, organizations are left with the obligation to properly store and manage information in the cloud that could be considered sensitive or private. Cloud users need confidence in a go-to solution for securing data that has functionality across multiple services with a global overview for cross-account support and cross-platform consistency.

Define sensitive data policies with PK Protect, which can then detect and protect sensitive elements across petabytes of data.




Breach Risk Management

Enforce the most appropriate remediation actions to prevent financial and reputation damage from a breach


Compliance and Comprehensive Reporting

Bring all of your data to the cloud while maintaining compliance with PCI, HIPAA, SOX, GDPR, and more


Easy Deployment for Multi-Cloud and Hybrid

Controllers in any cloud platform can communicate with IDPs (agents that scan data repositories) in different cloud platforms or on-premises environments


Differentiated Encryption/Masking

Precise element-level protection through various high-performance masking or encryption techniques


Global Consistency

Protect data consistently and uniquely throughout enterprise data repositories, preserving the data’s organizational footprint while also anonymizing it


Range of Protection

Structured, semi-structured, and fully unstructured data formats are all supported

Sensitive Data

Keep confidential information safe while leveraging the economics and scalability of the cloud, unlocking value from big data, and deriving benefits from enterprise-grade cloud services. PK Protect offers precise and continuous identification, protection, and inspection of data at a granular level.

Sensitive Data Governance

With a broad range of tools to cover data ingest, data at rest, and data for analytics, PK Protect has been tested and certified for comprehensive cloud coverage. Automatically discover sensitive data that already exists in cloud environments, and secure data that has functionality across multiple services.


PK Protect covers all bases, securing file formats, schemas, and fully raw unstructured data. Sensitive data is identified before it moves into the cloud, and stays secure as users access the data or as it mixed with other data in the cloud.

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Frequently Asked Questions
PK Protect features some of the broadest support on the market for popular cloud platforms, including RDBMS and packaged apps, RDS, Azure Databases, Amazon Web Services (AWS), NoSQL, Data Warehouses, cloud storage, and Hadoop Cloud Distributions.
Yes. PK Protect offers the ability for enterprises to detect, audit, protect, and monitor data across cloud, databases, and file shares at the element level. It uses a single dashboard to run tasks and display reports. From there, enterprises can selectively and securely migrate parts of their compliant data to the cloud.
Yes. Intelligent Data Processors (IDPs) are used to run discovery and protection tasks and are recommended to be as close to the target data repositories as possible. The Controller and Metadata Repository can be placed within the Cloud as part of a distributed architecture.
PK Protect does not store discovered sensitive data by default. The metadata discerned is used to build audit reports, which provides visibility into all PII within the target data repositories. However, within Hadoop and DBMS, it is possible to configure a setting that writes sensitive data for results validation purposes.
PK Protect supports Active Directory, Apache Directory Server, Open LDAP, DB Authentication, Azure AD, SSO, SAML, OAuth, PingFederate, and WebSEAL proxy-based.