Build and Protect
Public Trust

Defend Against Ever-Changing Threats
to Government Data

For years, government organizations have taken a network and perimeter defense approach to data security. Recent events have proven, however, that the only way to reduce threats is to instead focus protection on the data itself.

Data breaches and other security failures not only damage civilian trust, but also expose government agencies to disruption and breach remediation expenses. Perhaps even more importantly, stolen data can threaten a country’s stability and security. With automated Persistent Data Protection to find, classify, protect, and report at the data level, PKWARE users can now take back control of their data assets.


Protect Critical

Prevent disruption to critical infrastructure that could impact the economy, business, society, and national security.


Defined and
Transforming Laws

Laws are continually refreshed to keep up to date with the always-changing landscape of cybercrime.


Response and

Attacks are inevitable; governments need a national response and recovery plan to counteract the effects.

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