Data Defense for
ITAR Compliance

Certify Access for Sensitive Data

The International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR) is a set of government security clearance rules that controls the export and import of defense-related articles, services, and technology in the United States. Items on the ITAR United States Munitions List may only be shared with US citizens or those who have special authorization. This collection of critical compliance requirements helps ensure that defense technology and associated technical information does not end up in the wrong hands.

Adhering to ITAR can be especially challenging for global corporations who may need to transfer technology data over the internet or store it outside of the US in order to ensure business processes flow smoothly. However, data that is kept safe with end-to-end encryption or is cryptographically secured is safe to exchange. That’s where PKWARE comes in.

ITAR 101

ITAR compliance extends to all manufacturers, exporters, and brokers of defense articles, defense services, and related technical data.

Each ITAR category includes, but may not be expressly limited to:
  • Firearms, ammunition
  • missiles, rockets, torpedoes
  • explosives, propellants
  • surface vessels of war, special naval equipment
  • ground vehicles, aircraft
  • military electronics
  • personal protective equipment
  • spacecraft
  • gas turbine engines
  • submersible vessels
  • . . . and more
  • Assistance (including training) to foreign persons on anything related to defense articles, such as design, development, manufacturing, or maintenance
  • Controlled technical data provided for foreign persons
  • Military training of foreign forces or units
  • Non-software information for the design, development, manufacturing, etc. of defense articles, including blueprints, drawings, or documentation
  • Any classified information on either defense articles or defense services
  • Any software directly related to defense articles
The Fundamental First Step:
Sensitive Data Discovery


Build Trust with

PKWARE empowers you to find and lock down data so that you can meet compliance

goals and protect critically important information.

Meet ITAR standards for

protecting sensitive

defense information at rest

and in transit

Keep sensitive data safe

from internal and external

cyber threats

Lower IT infrastructure costs

across every platform with a

single solution for encrypting

and compressing data

Eliminate the negative

consequences of a

data breach

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